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EcoGold Vaginal Speculum

The EcoGold® sterile, single-use vaginal speculum retains the quality and design of a UK-Manufactured product at an import-replacement price.

Available in 6 sizes, with a unique smooth-locking system, the EcoGold® speculum can be used for gynaecological procedures, including cervical screening, IUD fittings and vaginal examinations.

Users comment on the 'superior access opening' for improved instrument access.  'We love them, they work perfectly… and they don’t break!’

  • Certified Quality

    Certified Quality, Unbreakable

  • Fast, smooth spinning nut

    Fast, Smooth-Spin Locking Nut

  • ecogold1.jpg

    Full Size Range Available

  • EcoGold Value.png

    Excellent Value

  • Developed specifically to meet the two critical criteria buyers face; Cost and Quality 

  • Individually packed in colour-coded pouches for your convenience

  • 100% recyclable pouches 

  • UK-Manufactured

  • Sterile, Single-Use

  • 100% Latex-Free 


 Request a EcoGold Speculum Sample Kit 

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Order Codes

EcoGold Extra-Small E476
EcoGold Small E477
EcoGold Medium E478
EcoGold Medium Long E479
EcoGold Large E479L
EcoGold Broad E47B



EcoGold Vaginal Speculum Testimonial (1).png

We much prefer them compared with what we used to use, we like the style, and it has a brilliant nut and runner mechanism

EcoGold Vaginal Speculum Testimonial (2).png

I had a speculum on my desk.  It got flexed open and closed for months while I used the phone, but did not break!  In the end we jumped on it - It still didn't break.  Incredible!

EcoGold Vaginal Speculum Testimonial (3).png

I must congratulate you on this innovative design and I wouldn't hesitate to advise other healthcare professionals to use this product.

EcoGold Vaginal Speculum Testimonial (4).png

They are reliable, easy to use, sturdy - They do a very good job!