Ultraspec Medical

How are medicine spoons developed and manufactured?

1. Develop    2.Tooling    3.Production

At Splice Cast, it's as easy as 1...2...3! 

Splice Cast has the tooling and quality systems in place to develop your accurate measuring device in the shortes possible time-frame.

This enables you to get your liquid pharmaceutical developments licenced, approved and to the market, on schedule; without delay.

So, how are medicine spoons developed?

3 simple steps:

  1.  In a 10-minute conversation, one of our sales specialists works for you, to complete a design brief that details the exact product requirements
  2. Your requirements are reviewed by our sales team and a quotation prepared - either for a standard product or custom tooling inserts if required.
  3. Upon acceptance, Splice Cast prepare a 3D prototype, detailed specification and drawing for final approval before moving into full production.

 Measuring Spoon Plastic Scoop Design Brief.jpg Measuring Scoop CAD drawing.jpg about-spoons.jpg

Why put up with standard when you can have exactly what you need? Order your medicine measures in your colour, your size, with your brand

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