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Medicine Dosing Spoons through the ages!


NOUN: A spoon for administering medicine, specifically (now chiefly historical) a spoon with a covered bowl and small aperture, designed for giving medicines to children or mentally disturbed patients without spillage.

The medicine spoon is one of the most popular collectibles of the medical antiques category other than antique surgical instruments.  The earliest known antique medicine spoon was invented by Londoner goldsmith, Charles Gibson, around 1828. 

Spoon designers attempted to address the ease of dispensing desired by the administrator, while also addressing the desire to reach the uncompromising will of the resistant patient. 

Paediatric medicine dosing through the ages:

z Silver Folding Medicine spoon.jpg   z Image 3 Silver Medicine spoon London 1928.jpg   z. Image 1 Silver Medicine spoon London 1901.jpg


How have medicine spoons changed over time?  Click to view the range of plastic, single-use medicine spoons


Why do multi-national pharmaceutical companies chose Ultraspec Medicine Dosing Spoons? 

Well, there are a number of reasons… Firstly, the Ultraspec Spoon is manufactured with certified, non-toxic materials.  Secondly, all our medicine spoons are dishwasher safe and thirdly, our technical department is willing to help with the development of an ideal medicine dosing device, designed around the user of a particular medicine.