Ultraspec Medical

Single-Use Ear-Irrigation Tank

Improved Stability & Enhanced Leak-Resistance

New, improved Noots-type ear tank facilitates easier treatment of cerumen.

Enhanced leak-resistance due to smooth coated medical card which forms a clean seal against patient's skin.  Anti-splash tab reduces back-wash during ear-irrigation procedures


  • Single-use: Cost effective and reduced risk of cross-contamination and infection.
  • Anti-splash tab: Improved patient experience.
  • Space-saving: Thin wall construction takes up 50% less storage space.
  • Green: Lighter than pulp tank and 50% less bulky to store/transport.
  • Stable: Solid base for improved stability compared to pulp.

Step 1

Simply fold the anti-splash tab back into the tank.

Step 2

With tab towards patient, place the Ear-irrigation tank under the ear and press gently against the skin.

Step 3

Dispose of in accordance with Local Health Authority guidelines following single use.

Order Information:

Description Ultraspec Ear-Irrigation Tank  
Inner Pack Sleeve of 50  
Outer Pack 20 Sleeves  
Order Code 3USNWHB  


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