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Pathfinder™ Product Development

Turning concepts into reality… On-Time, Within-Budget

Ultraspec Pathfinder

Pathfinder™ Product Development

Looking For Accurate, Cost-Effective, Plastic Consumables?

Pathfinder Product Development Service

Turning Concepts into Reality...On-Time, Within-Budget

Are you looking for a single-use, UK-made medical or pharmaceutical device?

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There are many "plastic product development specialists" around, several "tooling and manufacturing specialists" and numerous "assembly, packaging and logistics specialists".

But the reason discerning clients chose our PATHFINDER service is because we can competitvely offer all these services to minimise the risk, ensuring the successful launch of your plastic device.


Keeping UK-made products competitive and innovative

The proven, winning formula:



  1. Design products around the client's price point 
  2. Produce a comprehensive design brief to ensure all bases are covered
  3. Obtain approval of designs through 3D-Prints
  4. Apply extensive knowledge of tooling design and manufacturing techniques
  5. Deliver the new product: on-time and within budget

Our team will work with you to progress your project at every stage; from initial design, prototyping, tooling, regulatory requirements, plastic injection moulding, assembly, packaging - right through to delivery


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Including Hospital Curtain Hooks, Gel Bunion Guards, Pipettes, Shatter-Resistant Test Tubes, Child Safe Spray Caps, Diagnostic equipment, Single-Use Surgical Instruments, Plastic Bottle Vials

Get your product right, on-time and within-budget.

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