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Ultraspec Sampling, specimen bottle, 60ml jar, plastic sample jar, clear plastic jars

Plastic Specimen Jars & Lids

Unique 'double-seal' leak-resistant lid technology

plastic jars with lids, sample pots, 120ml jar

Specimen Jars 

Accredited clear plastic jars for Sample Collection, Transport and Storage

sample pots, plastic jars, plastic lids, specimen jar, specimen pot

CE-Marked Specimen Jars & Leak-Resistant Lids

Graduated polypropylene Specimen containers with coloured screw caps, designed for applications where strict adherence to regulatory requirements is essential. CE Marked, 95kPa tested, Food-contact approved, shatter-resistant.  

 Why Splice Cast Sample Jars?

  • Double-seal, leak-proof lid technology suitable for the collection, storage, transport of solid or liquid biological and non-biological specimens / histological specimen collection
  • Certified to be leak-proof to 95kPa
  • Robust containers are ideal for liquid or solid specimen collection; tested for suitability with aggressive chemicals such as formaldehyde
  • Jar base and leak-resistant colour caps have easy-to-grip ridges to ensure easy opening and closing of the container, even when wearing gloves
  • Suitable for sample transport according to UN3373 packaging instructions, when combined with appropriate secondary and tertiary packaging. 
  • Manufactured in high-clarity transparent durable polypropylene to ensure volumes and contents are easily visible
  • Wider opening allows quicker and easier filling
  • Graduated for improved accuracy
  • Manufactured to ISO:13485
  • Manufactured in shatter-resistant, food-contact approved material
  • Widely used for pathology, histology, urine collection, water sampling and metals analysis
  • Custom colours available to distinguish contents or match your corporate colour

Products Manufactured Include:


20ml Specimen Jar Container


120ml Plastic Jar Specimen Jar

40ml Graduated Specimen Jar *Coming Soon*


60ml Graduated Sample Container 

CE-Marked, 95kPa tested 

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120ml Plastic Jar Specimen Jar

90ml Graduated Specimen Container 

*Coming Soon*


120ml Graduated Specimen Jar Container

95kPa tested, CE-Marked

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30ml Plastic graduated dosing container.JPG

30ml Custom Plastic Graduated Beaker
Graduated dosing container.jpg Custom Graduated Dosing Containers
test tubes - disposable.jpg

Custom Test Tubes - Disposable plastic transparent tubes
for safe routine laboratory procedures

20ml Ultraspec Jar.jpg Bespoke 20ml Sample Vial with Leak-resistant seal

Continually adding to the range - contact us today if you can't find the size or shape you require.



Specimen (noun)

A specimen is referred to in medicine, microbiology etc.  A sample of a substance or material for examination or study e.g. a urine specime, a tissue specimen.  Specimen collection is an important factor in obtaining adequate and representative samples for analysis. Specimen Containers are intended to be used in vitro for the examination of biological specimens derived from the human body, solely for the purpose of providing information concerning a pathological state.  Plastic Jars are a safer alternative to glass – without sacrificing accuracy