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Introducing the Ultraspec Range of Single-Use Forceps  

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The New Ultraspec Forceps have been developed in response to requests from medical professionals for strong, safer, user-friendly Gynae Instruments

Manufactured and sterilised in the UK and available in convenient pack sizes, the Ultraspec range of forceps is the sustainable choice for discerning users.  All devices are UKCA-Marked and manufactured to ISO13485 standards.

Designed to offer maximum visibility and functionality when used in conjunction with the Ultraspec vaginal speculum.  Each set of forceps features smooth opening and closing, and a secure locking mechanism. The comfortable ergonomic handles ensure the practitioner is in maximum control. 

UKCA-Marked, latex-free, available sterile and clincially clean; Ultraspec Forceps are the UK’s cost-effective superior quality alternative to metal.  Ultraspec Instruments are single-use to protect patients against cross-infection risks.  




Sterile: 3INSPSB
Clinically Clean: 3INSPCB      

The Single-use Ultraspec Spongeholder has been designed with a grooved tip end for maximum secure grip of swabs. The comfortable ergonomic handle and locking mechanism ensure the user is in full control of the device. Designed to give maximum visibility when used with Ultraspec Vaginal Speculum


Coil Remover

Sterile: 3INCRSB
Clinically Clean: 3INCRCB

The Ultraspec Coil Remover has a robust design to facilitate retrieval and removal of intra-uterine devices, and is characterised by an angled tip with a secure tooth combination to facilitate quick and easier IUD retrieval whilst offering optimal visibility during the procedure


Sterile: 3INTMSB
Clinically Clean: 3INTMCB


The disposable Ultraspec Tenaculum forceps feature a precise single-toothed grip, ideal for holding the anterior lip of the cervix during procedures. Specifically developed to allow greater visibility and the secure locking mechanism. Comfortable handle ensures practitioners are in maximum control during procedures



Sterile: 3INVMSB
Clinically Clean: 3INVMCB

The Vulsellum Forceps have been developed for grasping the uterus during gynaecological procedures. The toothed grip offers a gentler but secure grip on the cervix to minimise discomfort and reduce trauma. These forceps are an alternative choice for practitioners who prefer a more evenly spread grip over a singled toothed (Tenaculum) grip. Featuring an angled head to maximise access to the cervix during the procedure and improving visibility when used with Ultraspec Speculum


"Extremely innovative design which ensures maximum visibility during procedures and a precise grip"

"Light weight but extremely robust … this is the ideal alternative to metal"

"The smooth opening and locking mechanism makes it exceptionally easy to use… Thankyou!"


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