Ultraspec Medical


Ultraspec Speculum

Ultraspec Vaginal Speculum

Endorsed by gynae consultants

Ultraspec Speculum

Ultraspec Vaginal Speculum

Millions of Ultraspec Speculum used with zero reported breakages

Ultraspec reduces patient trauma and discomfort through the unique slender profile and non-rigid beak design which flexes in situations where other brands of speculum would shatter.

Clinicians often comment on the 'large, smooth-spinning nut' which speeds up examinations and 'superior access opening' for improved vision and instrument access.

"Ultraspec Speculum - well, they're great. They don't break and you don't have to spend time screwing the nut"

  • Fast, smooth-spinning nut

  • Clear view and access

  • Unbreakable in normal use 

  • Large non-slip grip

  • Top-class Packaging

  • Subtle Feminine Pink Tint





“We much prefer the Ultraspec compared with what we used to use, we like the style, and it has a brilliant nut and runner mechanism” 

“Patients report less discomfort with these plastic devices compared to the cold metal devices“


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Vaginal Speculum Sizes & Order Codes:

Ultraspec Unbreakable* Extra-Small M476 Ultraspec Screening Extra Small.jpg
Ultraspec Unbreakable* Small M477 ultraspec-M477-Vaginal Speculum Small Virgin.jpg 
Ultraspec UnbreakableMedium M478  ultraspec-M478-Vaginal Speculum Pink Medium.jpg
Ultraspec UnbreakableMedium-Long Large M479  ultraspec-M479-Medium Long Large Ultraspec Vaginal Speculum Unbreakable.jpg
Ultraspec Unbreakable* Broad M47B Ultraspec Screening Extra Small.jpg


Video screen

The Unbreakable Speculum Test

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⇒ Produced in the UK

⇒ Sterile

⇒ Single-Use

⇒ 100% Latex Free

Complimentary Sidewall Retractor with every box of Medium Speculum:  

Free Sidewall Retractor with Ultraspec Speculum Medium.jpg


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