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Dosing & Measuring

Spoons & Scoops for any dose or density - Powders, Granules or Liquids

Ultraspec Dosing & Measuring

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Ultraspec Dosing & Measuring

When Dosing Needs to be Accurate

CE-Marked, Accredited to ISO:13485 

Dosing & Measuring

What does your ideal spoon look like?

Plastic Medicine Spoons & Plastic Measuring Scoops

CE-Marked medicine spoons, medicine measures and powder scoops, manufactured in bulk for pharmaceutical wholesalers, parallel importers and food & nutrition manufacturers.

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Why Splice Cast Medicine Spoons & Measuring Scoops?

  • Compliant with Medical Device Directive for CE-marking and product safety 
  • In-house product testing ensures consistent accuracy
  • UK manufacturing facilities include high-precision machinery and automated packing /labelling lines
  • Accredited quality systems (ISO:13485) maintain consistency, traceability and efficiency

Spoons & Scoops Currently Available Include...

Medicine Spoons:

1 5ml Medicine Spoon BEST SELLER.png

5ml Medicine Spoon 

Best-Selling CE-Marked medicine dosing spoon for medicine manufacturers, chemists and wholesalers. Code: 35MLCLC

1 2.5 5ml double ended spoon.png

2.5ml / 5ml Double Ended Measuring Spoon

Code: 325DCLC 

1. 5ml stacking spon.png

5ml Stackable Medicine Spoon

1. 10ml stacking spoon.png

10ml Stackable Medicine Spoon

 Stackable Spoon.jpg

5ml Clear Stackable Medicine Spoon

Available in pre-packed Cassette cartons for automated medicine packing

Plastic Scoops:

1 1.7ml Dosing Scoop spoon measure.png

1.7ml Measuring Scoop, CE-Marked

  • Long-Handle Code: 017SCWB

1 2.5ml Scoop Measuring.png

2.5ml Measuring Scoop, CE-Marked

  • Short-Handle Code: 3AS2BLB

  • Long-Handle Code: 3A25BLB

 4ml Measuring Scpoon

4ml Measuring Scoop, CE-Marked *NEW*

  • Short-Handle Code: 3AS04BLB

  • Long-Handle Code: 3A04BLB

1 5ML Plastic Scoop.png

5ml Measuring Scoop, CE-Marked

  • Short-Handle Code: 3AS5BLB

  • Long-Handle Code: 3A5SBLB

1 10ml Dosing Scoop.png

10ml Measuring Scoop, CE-Marked

  • Short-Handle Code: 3AS1BLB

  • Long-Handle Code: 3A10BLB


14.8ml Measuring Scoop Spoon.png

14.8ml Measuring Scoop, CE-Marked

  • Long-Handle Code: 0148SWB

1 15ml Plastic Blue Scoop.png

 15ml Measuring Scoop, CE-Marked

  • Short-Handle Code: 3AS15LB

  • Long-Handle Code: 3A15BLB

1 20ml Powder Scoop.png

20ml Measuring Scoop, CE-Marked

  • Short-Handle Code: 3AS2BLB

  • Long-Handle Code: 3A20BLB

1 35ml.png

35ml Custom Powder Scoop, CE-Marked

  • Long-Handle Code: 3A35BLB

Dosing Consumables:


1 30ml Measuring Beaker.png

Custom Graduated Medicine Beaker Cup 

1 Pipette Tips.png

Plastic Pipette Tips

1. Bottle Bung.png

Bottle Bungs

30 - 60ml Measuring Pot.jpg

NEW 30ml Medicine Pot / 60ml Measuring Beaker

Single-use Medicine Pot / Pill Pot with graduations

Optional Customisation:

What does your ideal spoon look like?

1 Corporate Bespoke colour!!_1.png

1.Your Brand.png

 Would you like your scoops, spoons or measuring cups to incorporate your brand or corporate colour and packed to your exact specification?

Our in-house specialists are familiar with developing bespoke solutions for dosing powders, granules and liquids of a variety of viscosities with minimum investment and competitive prices


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