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EcoGold Selected for National Scottish Tender

Authorised Speculum for NHS Scotland

Splice Cast are pleased to announce that they have been awarded a Framework for NHS Scotland... The EcoGold Speculum meets the stringent quality requirements for a safe 'unbreakable speculum' and offers Scottish Health Boards healthy cost savings.

Developed To meet the 2 critical criteria that health service buyers face; cost and quality...

Endorsed by Gynae Consultants, millions of EcoGold vaginal speculum have been used with ZERO REPORTED BREAKAGES.

Available in 4 sizes, with a unique smooth locking system, the EcoGold® speculum can be used for gynaecological procedures, including cervical screening, IUD fittings and vaginal examinations.  


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Contact Splice Cast for pricing & NDC NHS Scotland SKU's  ecogold@splicecast.co.uk