Ultraspec Medical

Now Available: Stackable Spoons | Medicine Cups

Stacking Spoons | Medicine Beakers Available

Splice Cast Manufacture and Supply Ultraspec Measuring Devices to administer medicines.  New Designs now available:

  • 5ml Stackable Medicine Measuring Spoon

- CE-Marked measuring spoons to accurately administer oral liquid medications.

- This Stackable Spoon Design is available in pre-packed Cassette cartons for automated medicine packing.


 inCollage_20200408_115407860.jpg  Contact Us Today for Product Specification and Pricing on 5ml Medicine Spoon


  • 30ml Medicine Pots Measuring Beakers

- Single-Use 30ml Medicine Pots and Pill Pots with graduation markings. 

- These Medicine Pots are used for measuring, decanting and administration of drugs, tablet and liquid medicines to patients in nursing care homes and hospitals

- Transparent with clear graduations for simple, easy medicine dispensing

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How are Splice Cast - Ultraspec Medical responding to Covid-19?

We are working around the clock to supply the UK with plastic medical components in these challenging times. 

Are you anxious about supply continuity of your plastic medical consumables?  Do you require a local supplier fast?  We have limited production capacity but maybe we can help you…

Splice Cast - Ultraspec Medical is a UK company, established for 20 years.  We specialise in plastic injection moulding for medical and pharmaceutical industries.  With in-house cleanroom and large manufacturing facility, we have the capacity, and capability to help you now...


Product lines include:

·         Medicine dosing spoons

·         Specimen jars

·         Hospital Curtain Hooks & Brackets

·         & Many custom products, moulded to our customers bespoke requirements.


Contact us today to see how we can help you source your products locally, cost-effectively and most importantly securely.  Please note, we will have to continue dealing with all enquiries on a first-come, first-served basis.